UMAI Development was founded in 2008 with the simple goal of combining a unique group of technically and geographically diverse talents to form a software development company capable of offering optimally tailored holistic technology solutions to our clients.

Based in London and Warsaw we aim to provide full-service technology solutions at highly competitive rates. Everything we do at UMAI Development stems from out belief in thinking globally and acting locally to give you, our customers, the quality you require at a cost you can justify.

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We have over 20 years experience delivering technology solutions across a variety of industries.

Why "UMAI"?

The word "umai" in Japanese means skillful, great, clever or promising. Although we are not a Japanese company, we thought this is the perfect adjective to describe our philosophy and our way of conducting business... the umai way.

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File Upload Download Browser Plugin (FUD-M-PL)

FUD-M-PL is a browser plugin built using FireBreath framework. It allows the browser to read and write files on the user's local file system. It has an easy to use, javascript-based (jQuery plugin) interface and is primarily designed to be deployed in an enterprise-level environment. It is flexible and is intended to work as an NPAPI plugin or as an ActiveX control to support many applications, for example: document management.

Client: partnership with umewe

Umewe is a collective that explores the cutting edge of creative technology. It's first offering is a social media VR platform - ume.


Java, Android, Google Cardboard SDK

Client: partnership with TraveHealthLink

Free and personalised travel health information to help you prepare for your trip.


Java, Android, Google Cardboard SDK


Client: partnership with AdVo Media

AdVo is a powerful video advertising platform that enables viewers - more at


Java, Android, iOS, WebServices, Javascript, HTML5

Buzz Deck - Managed Browser & RSS Reader

Client: Mippin

"The quick and easy way to access the web content you care about most!"

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Objective-C, iPhone SDK

Betfair iPhone Client

Client: Betfair Limited

"Groundbreaking from a product perspective and is laying the foundations for all our mobile browsing product"

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My Bets


Javascript, SOAP over Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS, AJAX (Requires iPhone)

Lifebet - Facebook plugin

Client: Tse global ltd

"Create a new lifebet, put your virtual chips where your mouth is... and let betting commence!"

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Home Dashboard

Community Markets


J2SE, Spring, MySQL, Hibernate, Ajax & JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Facebook API & Libraries. (Requires Facebook Registration)

Envoy Reloaded - Email Platform

Client: TMNMedia

"Envoy is the complete dynamic email solution"

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J2SE, Spring, MySQL, Hibernate, Ajax & JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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